Hilltop Tavern

Try out wide-selection of beers

At Hilltop Tavern we're sure to have a beer that tempts your taste buds. We have a wide-variety of beers on tap and by the bottle.


Bottled beers include

 • Miller Genuine Draft

 • Miller Lite

 • Budweiser

 • Coors

Great draft beers

 • Bud Light

 • Alaskan IPA

 • Miller High Life

 • Newcastle

 • Sierra Nevada

Try our beer of the month

Every month at Hilltop Tavern we select a new brew to be our beer of the month. This month we've chosen Humbolt Brewing Co.'s Hemp Ale. Come quench your thirst and try our beer of the month!

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started off right!


Stay safe!

Always make sure

you have a

designated driver.

 • Coors Light

 • Corona Extra

 • Pabst Blue Ribbon

 • Rolling Rock

 • Guinness

 • Heineken

 • Red Nectar

 • Sol

 • Stella Artois

 • New Belgium

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